Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Art Corner: Daniel Arnold

Corporate drone turned artist, Daniel Arnold creates compelling visual vignettes of New York City inhabitants.

Looking for an escape from his job at children's television network Nickelodeon, Arnold began taking pictures while wandering the streets of the New York--the city he has called home for over ten years.

Arnold gained a following after uploading his pictures to his Instagram account(@arnold_daniel). Arnold now has over 50,000 followers on the picture sharing site. 

Alternating between an iPhone and an actual camera, Arnold has been able to create photographs that are in some way, a homage to the denizens of New York City, unearthing a richness of the lives of ordinary citizens of New York. 

Arnold's first solo show can now be seen at the Mark Wolfe Contemporary Art Gallery in San Francisco until June 27th.


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