Wednesday, February 19, 2014

The Beauty Files: Mascara Wands

Short, curved, thin, thick. Have a hard time deciding which mascara wand is best for you? Have no fear, The Beauty Files is here to demystify the plethora of mascara wands on the market.

1.Curled wand- A curl wand is designed to add curl to your lashes without an eyelash curler.Clinique High Impact curling Mascara.

2.For Short Lashes: Try a thin brush. Thick brushes only add volume and can leave your lashes looking short,stubby, and thick.Benefit They're real Mascara.

3.Volume:Pump it up! Want lashes full of impact? Try a thick, fat wand.A cult favorite, Dior's Show mascara has a XXl wand that provides show stopping volume. 

4.The Natural lash look: Use a wand with rubber bristles. Rubber bristles pick up less product, leaving you with lashes that look defined but aren't too heavy on the drama. Try my personal favorite, Maybelline's Define a lash.

5.Corkscrew wand:Corkscrew wands ( 3rd from the bottom in the above pic) are used to maximize volume, length, and curl.This all-in-one mascara is for those who want their lashes to make a dramatic statement. Too Faced Size Queen Mascara

6.Ball Tips: Wands with ball tips are designed to get pick up every lash, giving your lashes strong definition. It Cosmetics Hello Lashes.

7.Bottom Lashes: Most mascaras are deigned for your top lashes, leaving your bottom lashes looking clumpy when used on the lower lashes. Let your bottom lashes get in on the glam with Clinique's bottom lash mascara. These wands are very short, perfectly designed to coat your often small, lower lashes.

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