Friday, July 19, 2013

Let's Talk Versace

Let's talk Versace. In the past, I have appreciated the label but wouldn't consider myself a fan. It is just not me. Versace is  vibrant, bold, sexy and a little tacky. In other words, the label is wholly Italian.

The fashion world is often preoccupied with girls. Who is the latest it girl? So it is always intersting when a designer picks women as the subject. I am starting to think that Donatella Versace is one of these designers.  The Versace woman exudes sex and power. A woman can achieve world domination and bed a 007 type all in one night when wearing a Versace dress. 

 Versace Resort 2014

Starting with Donatella's 2014 Resort collection, I took more notice of Versace. This collection is a mix of the young and fresh, along with Versace's feline sexuality.

Versace caught my attention again this couture season. Honestly couture is a bit of a snooze for me. Yes, it's great that designers are able to be creative and it's great to see these great works of craftsmanship. But I feel like couture has been repetitive for a long while now. I think couture and I just think of lots of tuelle. 

I feel like couture is a bit of an anachronism. What once was probably the most anticipated season for fashion lovers, now is just another season on the over-crowded fashion calendar. Now we have pre-fall and resort along with countless high street collaborations with today's hottest designers. I am sure there a more fashion people looking forward to the coming Isabel Marant for H&M collabo than this fall's couture.

With that being said, my favorite Fall 2013 couture show was the Atelier Versace show. The show had a classic Versace vibe, meaning 90s Versace. And what would be classic Versace without a little Naomi? Donatella pulled a *stunt queen* move by having the Queen Naomi Campbell open and close the show!

I loved that the versace dresses had open panels that revealed pretty bustiers and bras. It was refreshing and a little exciting to see a show with this kind of energy. It brings us back to the time of the supermodel and Gianni. It's Fashion! Fashion! Fashion! even though it may come across a being dated to some.

 Atelier Versace Fall 2013

I don't know if I am the Versace women yet, but I'd like to think that the Versace woman is the woman I can still grow up to be.  


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