Thursday, May 2, 2013

Rive Gauche: YSL

YSL in front of his Rive Gauche store.

In September 1966, Yves Saint Laurent opened the first stand-alone ready-to-wear boutique in la Rive Gauche (left Bank) of Pairs. Known for its bohemian, alternative culture, la Rive Gauche was the perfect place to break ground for a store that would revolutionize fashion. A fashion rebel, Laurent wanted to "break away from the idea that haute couture is the sole image of fashion." For Laurent, "Fashion is what can be worn."

No longer reserved for those with haute wallets, Laurent democratized and revolutionized the fashion world.

YSL with muse and friend Catherine Deneuve in the 1980s.
YSl was also a champion of the strong working woman. Though women were only beginning to take a larger role in the workplace as of 1966, Laurent was already designing their work wear. YSL transformed traditional menswear pieces for the everyday career women. Formally menswear, Blazers and trouser suits were made into staples for the YSL working woman.

Executive Realness. The ever-so-chic rive gauche style lives on! A  2013 Paris fashion week snap from street-style photog Tommy Ton.

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