Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Fashion Week Update #2: Thom Browne

Thom Browne took us down the rabbit hole to a darkly seductive world for his fall 2013 show. Bare trees and male models outfitted in Browne's signature gray flannel suits wore crowns of thorns and were tied to beds with red ribbons. All of this was the backdrop for a collection that stayed true to form in its usual strangeness, despite Browne's recent turn at pragmatism that resulted in an A-line coat made of men's silk-tie fabric to be worn by Michelle Obama for the 2013 Presidential Inauguration.

That same silk-tie fabric was also used in his AW13 show. Browne, however, added an extra touch from his crooked magic wand, trading simple A-lines for bold-shouldered, shelf-hipped 18th century inspired dresses.

18th Century dress (1781)

Browne's woman resembled some planted off-kilter wood nymph who has just pulled herself from the earth and is now walking amongst the tress. Roses are embroidered on her tights and light blue lace work strategically placed on fur coats and dresses give the look of organic matter. Think sleeping in a fur coat in a pile of lace light blue leaves, if you can.

There shapes were boxy and exaggerated  giving the impression that a curtain rod had been stuck inside the coasts and jackets. Browne added rich rose, blood, and lobster reds that followed clothes primarily done in dark and slate-blues.

Cute, no?
I love that the clothes are bizarre but never offensive . Browne manages a strange allure that allows the viewer to be intrigued by his clothes and not downright perplexed.  His ability to make us not just look at or even consider but appreciate the other or abnormal is what makes Browne so interesting and let's hope he stays that way.

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