Wednesday, September 5, 2012

La Nuit de La Plein Lune - Rohmer, 1984

Pearls-Manhattan Pearls Park Avenue, Neon Tank-Sam&Lavi Dalia layered with Rag&Bone grey sweater. Bag- Louis Vuitton mini green basket bag, dress:Versace for H&M. Coat:Drome Oversized Coat. Headband-anthro( also an easy DIY.) I first viewed this film last summer in Paris. Every year the Parc de Villete hosts a en plein air cinema for free. The event is ongoing during the summer months, allowing you to catch lots of great films while picnicking on the grass with wine, cheese, and friends. Les Nuits de la Plein Lune(Full Moon in Paris) is a 1984 French New-Wave film directed by Eric Rohmer. The film starts with the proverbs "He who has two women loses his soul," and "He who has two houses loses his mind." Louise, not ready to leave her boyfriend, but wanting to test single waters, starts a flirtation with a man in Paris. She promises herself that if she falls in love with another man, she will leave her live-in boyfriend. Not all goes as planned and Louise finds out just how difficult it is to have her cake and eat it too.

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